4 more days

http://donear.site/2018/09 wagon new model 2017 My internship draws to a close. I don’t have any real insights about it, except that I have very little interest in retail. hah! Who would’ve thunk it?

http://frombean.download/2018/09 peebles self catering There are usually reasons for the things I do, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. There are certain ways I approach things, and if that isn’t the way someone else would handle it…well, I’m http://centralalways.xyz/2018/09 zware koeien bevalling myself, not someone else, so it makes sense to do it my way, eh? I’m only 20 years old (almost 21), so I can’t claim that I have a large amount of experience in the world. I’m blunt, forgiving, trusting, silly, smart, and brydning fra bulgarien check very tough when I need to be. I dislike confrontation but will take care of myself and those I love.

avance dana 980 Most of all, I decided quite a while ago that letting people walk all over me was unacceptable. I do not put myself in situations where people feel they can take advantage of the fact that I’m a nice person. If someone makes me uncomfortable, I just can’t spend much time with them. That is simply what it comes down to.

mini generator selbst bauen I’m not very…army skt clerk result there personal on this blog. There are reasons for that, too. But the above is very public information about who I am, because I’m up front about that. Every aspect of “Sholeh” is non-negotiable, it is simply…who I am. And I really like that.

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You know…

teddy roosevelt facts go moteur hors bord arbre long occasion http://anotherbase.xyz/2018/09 e member home You know you’ve been working too long at Target when:

plastic ek samasya hindi nibandh – you refer to customers as “guests”…outside of work.
– you refer to fellow employees as “team members”…also outside of work.
– you abbreviate everything.
– you start having nightmares about not having stocked the shelves enough.
– you refer to the stuff sold at the store as “product” & “merchandise”.
– when you see someone in red and khaki, you assume they work at Target.
– you start referring to all meals, no matter what time, as “lunch”.
– you reach for your walkie-talkie…even at home.

media markt flensburg watch and finally:
– you straighten shelves when you go to other stores.

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“good news is on the way…”

equipage futaie des amis At work (Target) they play music videos on the TV screens in Electronics. They’ve been playing a lot of Modest Mouse and the Postal Service, as well as Los Lonely Boys. Therefore, I’ve had Modest Mouse’s “Float On” stuck in my head for the last week. And I own the the Postal Service cd, thanks to Adam, so that’s been in my cd player.

diagnose cvs laten stellen Also: if you have to return items, please do not yell at Guest Service. They are merely doing their job. We had 3 guests in a row yell at the poor ladies behind the desk on Sunday, and more yesterday and today. The nicer you are, the more likely they will go out of their way to help if they can.

http://sheepalready.download/2018/09 jessica des anges origine The team members have begun referring to me as “the intern”, which I find amusing. One of them tried to use it to bug me, then got disconcerted when I laughed in his face.

http://rainmilk.live/2018/09 liedje ziek zijn kleuters A guest stopped me today when the store was closing. He was looking for monicat secret paris there “…fine point gel pens. They have the medium point, see, right here? But no fine point. Oh, you’ve never used gel pens?! They’re the best! Seriously, you should really try them. I want the 10-pack, but all I see is medium point…” Continued in that same vein. We never found the fine point. haha.

alicia van der klei Did you know that the Target Corporation sold Marshall Fields and Mervyn’s to the May company, which owns Lord & Taylor? Sale is not final till mid-July, but it has been a topic of conversation.

fleurs peintes sur porcelaine Oh yeah, and the best information of all? Wal-Mart is opening next door in August. ewww.

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To be an Intern…

remember phone so do you The reason I have not been online much: my Target internship. I’m loving it, but I’ve worked two 10 hour days and two 8 hour days so far, so I haven’t slept as much as I should and I’ve been on my feet.

blodomløb i benene Very sore feet, I must say.

http://norfight.live/2018/09 russen in deutschland I’m learning a great deal, and the folks at my store are helpful and friendly. It is hard to explain in this little space what exactly my day is like because every day is different. I have been training in Guest Services this week, which involves learning about cashiering, the Guest Service desk, numbers (sales, cashier speed scores, and Visas), and various other things. It is very hands on.

http://combsomething.live/2018/09 chapman taylors safdarjung enclave So every night I come home, collapse, and try to relax a little bit.

rose zeitarbeit berlin go Also, whenever I see babies at work I go all silly and want to hug them. Can’t, of course, but dang they are just night mechanic pune so cute!

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summer plans

k later tamil name I was going a little stir-crazy, wondering what I was going to do this summer, when I finally got a phone call from Target for the 12 week management internship program. I got the job! It is paid, and I’m going to be working near my house. Now I’m just waiting for the details in the mail. I start June 2nd.

http://besidesstudy.space/2018/09 zachte lakenstof kleur In other news, I decided tonight that I’m going to Minnesota tonight with some of the local youth, so I’ll be back Friday.

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