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“good news is on the way…”

At work (Target) they play music videos on the TV screens in Electronics. They’ve been playing a lot of Modest Mouse and the Postal Service, as well as Los Lonely Boys. Therefore, I’ve had Modest Mouse’s “Float On” stuck in my head for the last week. And I own the the Postal Service cd, thanks to Adam, so that’s been in my cd player.

Also: if you have to return items, please do not yell at Guest Service. They are merely doing their job. We had 3 guests in a row yell at the poor ladies behind the desk on Sunday, and more yesterday and today. The nicer you are, the more likely they will go out of their way to help if they can.

The team members have begun referring to me as “the intern”, which I find amusing. One of them tried to use it to bug me, then got disconcerted when I laughed in his face.

A guest stopped me today when the store was closing. He was looking for “…fine point gel pens. They have the medium point, see, right here? But no fine point. Oh, you’ve never used gel pens?! They’re the best! Seriously, you should really try them. I want the 10-pack, but all I see is medium point…” Continued in that same vein. We never found the fine point. haha.

Did you know that the Target Corporation sold Marshall Fields and Mervyn’s to the May company, which owns Lord & Taylor? Sale is not final till mid-July, but it has been a topic of conversation.

Oh yeah, and the best information of all? Wal-Mart is opening next door in August. ewww.


8 thoughts on ““good news is on the way…”

  1. Wow, I hate Wal-Mart..

    I’ve yet to meet anyone nice/helpful when I return things. Hmm, maybe I should shop at Target, but there isn’t any close to where I live. They’re bound to be nicer than the people at Wal-Mart and Meijer..

  2. OMG I love gel pens–the fine point kind…..i love going to arts and crafts stores because you can buy them in like a million colors.

    man i’m a geek.

  3. I’m with Gloria! Wal-Mart is awesome for prices. Just don’t use their bathrooms… they’re almost always dirty! 😛

  4. I promise I’ll never yell at Guest Services. But I do have to admit that thought of having to return merchandise to Target does stress me out.

  5. …anyone presented with the opportunity to see Los Lonely Boys live should definitely do so- one of the best live acts i’ve EVER seen… glad to see they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve, tho they are from West Texas, two years ago the “best” record store in Austin (Waterloo) wasn’t even carrying their albums!

    must admit, i also shop Wal-Mart about ten times more than Target- it seems so much easier to find most of the time, guess i’m in trouble, huh? 😉

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