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You know…

You know you’ve been working too long at Target when:

– you refer to customers as “guests”…outside of work.
– you refer to fellow employees as “team members”…also outside of work.
– you abbreviate everything.
– you start having nightmares about not having stocked the shelves enough.
– you refer to the stuff sold at the store as “product” & “merchandise”.
– when you see someone in red and khaki, you assume they work at Target.
– you start referring to all meals, no matter what time, as “lunch”.
– you reach for your walkie-talkie…even at home.

and finally:
– you straighten shelves when you go to other stores.


7 thoughts on “You know…

  1. Which Target do you work at? I just found out over the weekend that my cousin got a job at the brand new one in Warrenville… by Cantera.

  2. I don’t work at that one, Heather, although I’ve seen that one. I’m not going to say here, although it is in the southwest suburbs. 🙂 Don’t want stalkers lol.

  3. hehehe

    I understand. Though, if anyone did try to stalk you at your store, you could just make them straighten the shelves and pick up the garbage for you… then they’d run for it. 😉

  4. What if you do all of those things but DON’T work at Tarjhay? I’m scared, Sholeh. It’s getting… cold. So…cold…

  5. Andrew: wow, a comment! So you DO read this thing. haha.

    Gloria: hey, I can’t promise anything. 😀

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