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Mawaige & Twue Wuv

At the clinic today I went to the staff lounge to get some tea (my eyes were trying to close, and I had no toothpicks available to prop them open). Usually the lounge is quiet and empty…but I happened to walk in during the nurses’ lunch break.

Chaos! There were 9 nurses in a very small space…all between the ages of 35-60. These women are some of the sweetest, toughest, and sometimes scatterbrained people I’ve ever met. They help me decipher doctor’s handwriting and always say hello to me.

Well, when I walked in they were jovially ribbing one of the young male doctors (who is tall and good-looking, of course). This is pretty much how the conversation went:

Nurse 1: “Are you married, doctor?”
Nurse 2: “No, he isn’t married.”
Nurse 1: “Not married, why not?! Are you dating someone?”
Doctor grabs cup of coffee.
Nurse 3: “Yes, he is! Aren’t you, dear? How long has it been?”
Nurse 4: “Oh my, aren’t we something?”
“One month.” -mumbled through a smile
Nurse 5: “oooh well we can’t interfere yet. We have to give it time.”
Nurse 6: “You ladies are just awful, awful! Stop harassing the poor man!”
Doctor escapes with coffee in hand and embarrassed grin on his face.

I was giggling the whole time. Poor guy…
Right now, I hear Jerry Springer on a television somewhere in the clinic. I’ve never SEEN a television here, so I don’t know where it is coming from.

Ayyam-i-Ha Party @ my place Friday night, 8 pm. Bring your dancing shoes!


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