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Things I am discovering

– Red, yellow, & green peppers aren’t quite as bad as I thought. For as long as I can remember I have picked them out of dishes and avoided them. The other night I made chicken fajitas for a party and realized that I actually DO like them.

Labneh is my new addiction…since I can’t eat pita bread, I usually eat it with corn chips. YUM.

– I know how to make Maki-zushi now. Funny that I had to come to Israel to finally learn. I miss Cafe J.K. Sweet (the rather odd restaurant we used to frequent back home), but now that I can make my own california rolls I’ll just be sure to stock my fridge with ice cream for that wonderful J.K. Sweet experience.

-Speaking of ice cream, unless you manage to get ahold of some Ben & Jerry’s or gelato, the major brand here just isn’t very satisfying…it melts rather quickly and has an odd consistency. Ah well.

– I love my flatmates.

In conclusion, I realize that this entry is mostly about food (during the Fast!). I am ok with that.


8 thoughts on “Things I am discovering

  1. ahahahahaha
    there’s nothing more natural my friend!
    chalk it up to our human weakness, and of course be sure to implore God to bestow upon you strength 😉
    speaking of ice cream, have you gone to il gelato on Ben Gurion yet?

  2. I will format my responses likewise:

    – peppers rock. I didn’t used to really like them all that much (sure, i ate them, but they weren’t integral to the culinary experience). Now I love them, enjoy the taste, delight in the crunch.

    – Sounds good! Do you ever eat it in sandwich-form?

    – I actually laughed out loud at the mention of JK Sweet. That place is insane. And pretty awesome too. “rather odd” is dead-on.

    – How did it get to be a major brand, then??

    – That’s good!

    Thanks a lot. Now I’m *officially* starving.

  3. I knew it! I knew, deep down, you liked peppers all along. LOVE the food entry. Love it. I look forward to you making me some sushi when I visit. 😉

    This just in: GELATO!

  4. Dan: Actually, I’ve been twice. I love that place. mmm!

    Andrew: I still don’t like them raw and crunchy, haha. And I have never had it in sandwich form, because of the whole “not eating bread” thing. I have no idea how this ice cream is so popular, I really don’t.

    George: Of course you love the food entry! hahaha.

  5. be careful… posting food pics has vacated my blog during the fast.. lol

    either that or I’ve become boring.. lol.

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