Things I am discovering

soins hoya forme de coeur – Red, yellow, & green peppers aren’t quite as bad as I thought. For as long as I can remember I have picked them out of dishes and avoided them. The other night I made chicken fajitas for a party and realized that I actually DO like them. joint robinet rousseau – Labneh is my new addiction…since I can’t eat pita bread, I usually eat it with corn chips. YUM. souris mad catz – I know how to make Maki-zushi now. Funny that I had to come to Israel to finally learn. I miss Cafe J.K. Sweet (the rather odd restaurant we used to frequent back home), but now that I can make my own california rolls I’ll just be sure to stock my fridge with ice cream for that wonderful J.K. Sweet experience. anne smith la gacilly -Speaking of ice cream, unless you manage to get ahold of some Ben & Jerry’s or gelato, the major brand here just isn’t very satisfying…it melts rather quickly and has an odd consistency. Ah well.

alan qalker all song download in mp3 click – I love my flatmates. magazine hygiène propreté In conclusion, I realize that this entry is mostly about food (during the Fast!). I am ok with that.

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  1. système alarme habitation view ahahahahaha
    there’s nothing more natural my friend!
    chalk it up to our human weakness, and of course be sure to implore God to bestow upon you strength 😉
    speaking of ice cream, have you gone to il gelato on Ben Gurion yet?

  2. nebenkosten hauskauf bremen I will format my responses likewise:

    téléphone sci fricker strasbourg – peppers rock. I didn’t used to really like them all that much (sure, i ate them, but they weren’t integral to the culinary experience). Now I love them, enjoy the taste, delight in the crunch.

    cheveux qui graissent vite check – Sounds good! Do you ever eat it in sandwich-form? geheime übungen der freimaurer pdf – I actually laughed out loud at the mention of JK Sweet. That place is insane. And pretty awesome too. “rather odd” is dead-on.

    villen für 25 personen – How did it get to be a major brand, then??

    vol pour izmir check – That’s good!

    zehn monate altes baby schläft schlecht view Thanks a lot. Now I’m *officially* starving.

  3. jesus après jesus gérard mordillat view I knew it! I knew, deep down, you liked peppers all along. LOVE the food entry. Love it. I look forward to you making me some sushi when I visit. 😉 abendessen baby 1 jahr This just in: GELATO!

  4. débat a onze Dan: Actually, I’ve been twice. I love that place. mmm! chef gérant restauration collective bretagne Andrew: I still don’t like them raw and crunchy, haha. And I have never had it in sandwich form, because of the whole “not eating bread” thing. I have no idea how this ice cream is so popular, I really don’t.

    George: Of course you love the food entry! hahaha.

  5. be careful… posting food pics has vacated my blog during the fast.. lol

    either that or I’ve become boring.. lol.