Extension of thought

I am buried and surrounded by
the silence and truth.I am struggling to comprehend
the idea of worlds without end,
of the conciousness of planets,
the crystal light of suns.

I am watching the beauty of
smiles between friends,
the smile on a child’s porcelain-doll face.

I am wondering at the thousand ways
the wind can change my heart,
the way my heart can change my mind
and the way my soul sinks into the earth.


I caught the faint ends of the
knowledge of the Divine,
the last tendrils of the
smouldering fire of the heavens.
And if you saw a glimpse only to reject it,
my heart weeps for you.

There are tasks I’ve yet to start,
dreams that I am painting in order to
start dreaming them.

You have so many choices
and one or two or three paths to take.
Only four or five or six exponential
leaps of logic
before your intuition takes over.

Through the sea of faces
the singular virtue in each glows dully
veiled in the layers of dust and time,
of the grime of the hours of life.

I am waiting for the silence between stars
to narrow and divide.
We can travel there
to the edges of the unraveling universe.

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  1. I know you don’t know me. I am a friend of George’s(and incidentally of someone you know in Haifa, Maryam), and every so often I like looking at the pics of Haifa you put on your site. And I just wanted to say that I LOVE this piece. I connected with every part of this, and so I wanted to tell you, you are awesome 🙂