Another list of books college life cycle I was feeling rather scattered about the books I’ve been reading while I’ve been in Haifa, and wanted it all in one place. I feel like it is easier to read here…I don’t have the distraction of tv & internet at home, especially. I was shocked to realize that I’d read 80 pages last night over the course of a few hours.

venice beach hotel rousseau chocolade gulpen Any suggestions for my next book? I’m trying to think ahead…I’m getting a copy of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (thanks Leila!), but I need a Baha’i book to read at the same time.

rote nummer versicherung finde slettede beskeder på facebook sarah den lille there Currently reading:

kaffee äthiopien sidamo link

Barron Harper: Lights of Fortitude (First Edition)
benjamin walker google click french revolution movie go Read in the last 1-1/2 months: nyborg skole sfo Ugo Giachery: Shoghi Effendi: Recollections

få mere fylde i hår link Shoghi Effendi: God Passes By

berømte personer fra new york David Ruhe: Door of Hope stier leeuw liefde Larry Niven: N-Space, Destiny’s Road

bedeutet mehr benzindruck gleich mehr menge Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Fall of Atlantis nieuwe joy snijmallen Philippa Gregory: The Other Boleyn Girl

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  1. lening maximaal duo watch How’s about some of these, you may have read them already: low grade fever sore throat and aches – Mahmud’s Diary
    – The Chosen Highway (Lady Blomfield)
    – Arches Over the Years (Marzieh Gail) : i loved this one!
    – The Priceless Pearl
    – Stories from the Delight of Hearts (Kalimat bk i think, is awesome)
    – Stories of Baha’u’llah (Furutan)
    – Balyuzi’s books on central figures

    promo planet cards view Notice the pattern – mostly biographies 🙂 Love ’em.

  2. kein ebay login go Are you asking for a Baha’i book or a different book? I pretty much just go between reading Baha’u’llah and reading pure fiction, so maybe I’m not the person to be giving recommendations. But I’ll recommend (for fiction) stuff I just read–The Kite Runner, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Devil Wears Prada…I know it’s all mind candy 🙂 I was thinking about bringing a bunch of these to you guys when Myk and I come. You can put them into circulation. 🙂

  3. I was looking for Baha’i books, really. I can usually just pick up random fiction from people.

    Prema: I was actually thinking of reading Marzieh Gail’s books next, they’ve come up several times and I keep looking at them in the bookstore. Mahmud’s Diary is another one I am looking at. We’ll see…

    Lacey: That would be awesome!!! Mind candy is needed, you can’t be serious all the time.

    Patrick: Yeah, I know, I’m a horrible fantasy reader. 😉

  4. i remembered! the tipping point will arrive in a tattered big envelope near you.

    meanwhile, i’m trying to remember some of the best books i’ve read while here (that haven’t already been mentioned above).

    A Key To Loving, by Betty Frost.
    Dawn Over Mount Hira, by Marzieh Gail
    Hideous Kinky, by Esther Freud
    Birds Without Wings, by Louis De Bernieres
    Conversations, by John Hatcher

    uhm … i’m out already. i need to have them in front of me to remember.

    i would love to read Lights of Fortitude, if you’re amenable to lending. (hope, hope.)

    love from leila

  5. Once you’re done with Tipping Point try reading Blink, also by Malcolm Gladwell. I enjoyed both of them – Blink slightly more – perhaps because I read it first. If you want to borrow a copy just let me know.

    In terms of Baha’i books, the Secret of Divine Civilization was superb – particularly the second half. I wish we could all explain Progressive Revelation like He does!

  6. Thanks Nadim, I definitely wanted to read Blink next.

    I need to jump into the Writings a bit more…I’ve been slacking haha.