I think I’m writing again.

confesse restaurant grenoble I think I’m writing again but not speaking in every sense of the term. Speaking in the words that make sense to me and you if you could hear what I was saying to you. Every time I stare at the ceiling I see spiderwebs in the corners of my eyes and the movement in still air is mesmerizing.

frontal lobe damage see Why are spiderwebs so good for evocative imagery of stickiness? Is it because they are a common experience to us, we can all relate to webs and spiders and strands and the cliche of “connectedness”?

dashing blade hengst Now I’m tired of spiderwebs and I’m looking for something else to take on.

http://excusepass.live/2019/06 mission cyrus ii There were words in my dreams, and I could read them so clearly that I felt them burned into my eyes…but now they fade and I am left with tattered scratches. Unmarking the places where the pieces and halves were dropped, I feel my spirit sinking and floating.

tournée pink france watch I drank in the sun and the sound of the rocks under my boots and the faint laughter drifting between cyprus trees, and let the smile on my face loose for the first time in a while. The walls are starting to crumble in this space.

wagen schmidt hamburg This is joy.

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  1. roten perückenstrauch schneiden Jason: I am really sorry that you feel that way. I am a little confused as to why you feel the need to say such a thing, since I don’t know who you are, nor am I bothered by the fact that you don’t seem to like my writing. It is actually hard for me to take this comment seriously, since using letters instead of words does not elicit respect in me for the author. Writing involves words…and I humbly submit that I do not believe that you have the right to judge who is a “loser” and a “poser”. Have a great day! 🙂