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Frozen dinners

Today I resorted to eating a frozen dinner. There were several reasons for this:
a) laziness
b) busy working on things and studying
c) laziness

Anyways, it was a Michelina’s Pepper Steak & Rice entree (although it really is more of a snack). I decided to check out the ingredient listing (which I really should have done before I purchased it, but oh well).

Over 35 ingredients. In that tiny little package.

Now, if you know me, you know that I love to cook, and I do it nearly every day. I have never, EVER needed more than 20 ingredients for a dish. Often I need only 10. It kind of blew my mind.

Also, even though it was a rice dish, it had wheat products in it (allergy, remember?), so that is no good. So much for quick and easy food! It looks like I’m going to spend a majority of my lifetime cooking.

Time for a poll: What is a dish that you love to eat but simply do not have the time, facilities, or skills to make?


6 thoughts on “Frozen dinners

  1. I love baking, and really miss having an oven. Things I would bake if I did have a kitchen/oven:
    whole wheat bread
    chocolate cake
    pumpkin bread

  2. yeah, so good poll, sholeh… definitely persian rice and fessenjoon for me. i suck at making both, and i think even if i were good at it, i wouldn’t have the patience. thank God for my mom. 🙂

  3. I wish that I could make Indian food. I need to get Caitie to teach me. I need to cook more, but I am completely spoiled with Andrew’s mom. She is like the best cook in the world, so I am always well fed. Ask Shmange. She knows what I am saying.


  4. Antimatter fried chicken.

    I’ll leave whoever’s interested to ponder which word antimatter modifies.

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