Snazzy music

tartar sauce recipe I feel snazzy today. All dressed up in my black suit, I feel like a high-powered executive. forlæns og baglæns bamse Seriously though, there is something about wearing a suit that makes me more…responsible and motivated. Not as comfortable as jeans and a hoodie, but a lot nicer looking.

stop saying yes Current musical obsessions: the Garden State soundtrack and the Wicker Park soundtrack. Thanks to Shan for introducing me to Garden State (both the movie & music) and Lindsey for Wicker Park. I was needing a transfusion after listening to the radio too much. 😉

historique annuel cac 40 Something confusing about my street: they insist on cleaning the streets twice a month or more in the summer, but in the winter they do not bother to plow. Parking is interesting, to say the least.

svibler etter blomstring Some days, you feel like writing something substantial, deep, and thought-provoking. And some days…the sun is shining and all you want to do is smile. aftonbladet sport facebook Time for class!

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  1. kirken den er en gammel kusse go Dude. I totally relate. I realized this in Haifa, whenever I’d dress up for the day (wearing a shirt and tie and whatnot) I felt so prepared for any social situation that might come my way (such as meeting a groundskeeper or UHJ member, whatever it might be). A good feeling…kinda like the feeling i get when I gaze upon this new blogspace…snazzy!