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Persian Perfume

I should start my own perfume line.  It will be based on Persian cooking, mostly.  There will be “Kabob Koobideh“, which smells like it just came off of the grill, “Persian rice”, which has the fragrant aroma of rice and saffron, and of course “Rosewater&Honey”, since that is how all Persian desserts are flavored.  There will be more fragrances as the line expands, of course, but those will be the original products.

My target market is women, especially those who want to attract a man who is looking for a wife who has some of the more…traditional…skills.  He doesn’t have to know that she ordered that ghormeh sabzi, rice, and faludeh from the local Persian restaurant.  She will smell like she has been working in the kitchen all day.  The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? 😉

I will also target individuals who love Persian food but have not quite gotten the hang of making it correctly, college students who are away from home and miss their mother’s cooking, and people who really wish that they were Persian.

I’ll make a fortune. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Persian Perfume

  1. Great idea haha. Something tells me this is for couples without a passionate lovelife 😉



  2. what a great idea! i’d so married a girl that smells like she just make me some kabab koobideh! =)

  3. Ohmygosh…. could you please include a gormeh sabzi fragrance as well?

    P.S. I’d TOTALLY buy the rosewater/honey one. You’re a money-making, home-saving genius.

  4. I missed this entry somehow, but Sho, you crack me up. I would like to order some tahdig perfume, please. Mine has yet to not brown TOO MUCH on the bottom… so maybe if I smell like an expert I will BECOME one. 😛

  5. I’m totally down with the brown. And you becoming a tah dig expert.

    Sho: don’t forget your own personal signature fragrance: sholeh zard.

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