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I like…#7

Sleeping/reading in the sun

homemade flan

old stones and large spaces


the mix of roses and jasmine at night


silence at the right moments

orange blossoms

conversations with people at least twice my age



Naw-Rúz (the Baha’i New Year)


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4 thoughts on “I like…#7

  1. Orange blossoms are the best smell in the universe. I have an orange tree right by my apartment door and no matter how tired/stressed/late/headachy/etc. I might be upon leaving home every morning it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay in a bad mood after smelling it. Impossible. It’s like a drug.

  2. I love, I likes hehehe Knowing what people like makes me happy : ) Especially what you like, its adorable, yes I just said adorable.

    Love ya Gurl!

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