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I Like…#2

After the success of the last “I Like…” post, I decided to talk about more things that make me smile. I often read the news to keep up with what is happening with the world, there is a distinct lack of simple, joyful experiences that are shared.

roses that are any color but red or white
children learning to crawl
strange objects
creating something new

watching someone accomplish something for the first time
looking into eyes and not wanting to look away
spending hours in a craft/fabric store
making things by hand

when I am about to fall asleep
lazy Sunday afternoons
fancy chocolate (especially with raspberries)
holding a small baby while they sleep
strange signs



2 thoughts on “I Like…#2

  1. Oooh, I like this list too…so many things, I’ll have to pick just one: lazy Sunday afternoons. So many possibilities, even the possibility of doing precisely nothing. Not to mention it reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes.

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