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To help me…

I remember I listened to this song when he died,
about a car flipping on the turn,
and about God and death and birth.

and I remember I listened to live music through a CD,
cleaning my house to the cheering crowds
of music everyone loves.

and I remember the song with slow sadness
in the heat of summer
with sun-baked skin and sun-bright smiles.

I remember the powerful taste of the violins
as voices cut through phone lines
and history was remade.

and I remember how the music drifted in
at the beginning of spring
as we looked and never spoke.

and I remember the color of eyes
as the softness of “the past and pending”
floated through the hall.

Last night I dreamed

the wind nearly knocked us off of our feet
as the world ended…
my dress swirled in disturbed waves
and arms wrapped around me.


9 thoughts on “To help me…

  1. 1. beautiful.


    when you think about it, vibrations in the air travel a long ways to reach our ears. Sometimes… so far away it seems ridiculous to think, that between us and that, there’s been so many little atoms nudging along and whispering to their neighbours.
    kind of seems strange, especially when you hear music, to think of all the little atoms that are there sharing it with you, each passing along another morsel till it reaches your ears. And from there your brain, perhaps your heart… or your feet, or wherever within us it is that music goes before it does what it does to us.
    leaves sandcastles of mountains
    and ashes of stones.

  2. ps.
    thanks for the poem. i’ve been antsy all morning looking for something fantastic to read.

  3. does anyone ever leave negative comments here, or even critical ones? 🙂 Instead of “wow, this is the most amazing thing anyone’s ever posted, ever”, “while enticing overall, the imagery is inconsistant, and only marginally advances the poetic theme.”

    It’s lovely to read, but I dont know anything about poetry 🙂

  4. Well, I suppose if they don’t like it, they don’t leave a comment, lol. Besides, I’m not writing because I think I’m any good…I’m writing because I like to write, and because it helps me remember.

    Funny enough, I don’t particularly like reading poetry. 🙂

  5. I loved this. I don’t care about whether the imagery is “inconsistant” (tha’s even spelled wrong!). Who really scrutinizes imagery for consistency, anyway!? It is beautiful and powerful. And you posted it on the anniversary of my Grandfather’s death, so I was even more moved. You write beautiful poetry so keep doing it.

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