I like…

http://livednorth.live/2019/05 air réunion billet sushi
brussel sprouts
blanched almonds
coffee ice cream

razer casque logiciel dancing in the rain
swimming in Lake Michigan
swimming in the Atlantic Ocean
making sand castles
dancing (especially salsa, though I’m not very good at it)
exploring forests
climbing trees

army risk assessment form click the Garden State soundtrack
Indian films
nail polish
fantasy/sci-fi books
reading in bed all day

http://longchance.live/2019 pause bio grenoble skyscrapers (especially working in them)
watching people (I can spot a tourist from a mile away)
making faces
exploring Chicago on a whim

http://holyyeah.live tôle micro perforée inox you.

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  1. http://couplehole.live angle ripage av indian films!
    i try and avoid them these days, having been exposed to too much bollywood as a kid :p

    damen italienische mode sciento and skyscrapers – definitely. everytime i get a chance to be in the KL twin towers, i’m always distracted by the crazy view – it’s so cool to be in a meeting fifty floors higher than the rest of the world..
    someday we should have a house of worship that’s super high, yup.