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Naw Ruz

I decided that for a new year, a new design was needed. I spent hours staring at CSS code, ensuring that I will need a new prescription for my glasses in the next 6 months. Explore the site, there are more pages and information. Thanks must go out to Jordan for designing such a beautiful banner…with no input from me! And to my webmaster and friend Paul for helping with the switch.

Tomorrow is the Baha’i New Year, which is one of my favorites. Holy Days in Haifa are beyond description.

I wonder if maybe you would know me better if you read my words,
or if I tell you all of my stories (in chronological order),
or if I sat quietly with you in the silence of a sunny day in the car.
I think that it has probably been years since I last ate cottage cheese
or peanut butter straight off the spoon.
I think it has been years since time moved so slowly.


11 thoughts on “Naw Ruz

  1. Oh, I can more than appreciate all the hard work that goes into a new design. This is magnificent! All chocolate and roses.

    Happy Naw Ruz Sholeh joooooooon!

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