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Graduation & Employment

It appears that I have graduated from college. Crazy, no?

I have also retained employment. Being as this is a public blog, I’m not going to go into detail, nor am I ever likely to. However, if you are curious, feel free to email me and I’ll probably tell you (if I know you!).


I will say that I’m very happy to have a job, and one related to my field (Marketing & Management). I’m going to be a real person! 😉 Chicago will be my home for a while longer, since the company is located here.

Speaking of which, I found a great page on Wikipedia that explains the community areas of Chicago.

Last night I had a dream that my feather comforter was trying to attack me. It probably means something really deep and psychologically meaningful. hahaha.


10 thoughts on “Graduation & Employment

  1. Your dream is clearly a dream of the future; not just of yours, but all mankind. comfortors have kept our peoples warm for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, but the Golden Age will pass beyond us soon.

    The time of peace is gone! The time of war is at hand! To not be taken unawares!

    The great Quilt Wars will soon be upon us!

    Or… maybe Sholeh’s got issues. I guess it could be that too.

  2. Quilt wars? Don’t be silly. Clearly this dream was a metaphor for the day when the chickens rise up to enslave us all. Run! The sky is falling…upon our DOOOOM!

    Or maybe -Joe’s- got issues. 😛

    You’re graduated! wOOtness!

  3. congratulations sholeh!
    and i must say that i am jealous of that feather comforter (even though sometimes it attacks you in your dreams)

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