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2022 – Events!

I had the opportunity to do a lot of really interested events last year. It’s still surprising to me how many people don’t know that I run an entire business by myself, with multiple clients. About half of my work is Event Consulting, where I not only plan events for organizations and non-profits, but also help them restructure, create systems, and solve pain points. The other half is weddings and social events. I even helped one of my former brides with planning her mother’s memorial service, soon after the wedding, so that was a service that I felt honored to do.

One of my biggest hurdles is childcare, of course. My girls aren’t in full-time school yet (Marzieh only goes 3 mornings per week), so I’m squeezing in 400 hours of work into naps, before and after Shea’s work schedule, and weekends/evenings.

By February every year I feel like I’m running on fumes, with the cold and the gray of Chicago pushing me down. I’ll try to power through. I’m still working on my consulting clients, and I currently have 9 couples that I’m working with for their weddings in 2023 (1 in 2024).


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