A Calm Storm

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because the lights were on in glowing red and I saw stars beneath our skies.


because I’m surrounded by more love that I could ever hope for.
because you(multiple) have had so much patience with my broken self.
because of music and dance and art, even though I struggle.


because the beauty of this(these) interaction(s) makes my heart ache in a very wonderful way.
because there are more things here to love than not.
because I see hope in my interactions and thought process.


because this will always be home for a million reasons.
because I finally begin to see in a darkness of my own creation.
because the lights were glowing in the skies!

This is what I can finally say
when you(multiple) never ask me how or why.


5 thoughts on “Because

  1. You’ve created a portal with these words and images…thank you for the chance to step through into your winter for a moment.

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