The Clinic

Wierd Diagnoses:

Flap Wound: yes, this is what it sounds like. This particular person had it on their finger. ouch!

Flat Feet: I am sorry to anyone who has flat feet, but every time I type this in I think of ducks. 😮

Hair in Ear Canal: um, ew.

“Soft Mass on Palm, please evaluate & excise”- this one made me shudder.
Every day around 3:30 pm babies are crying somewhere in the clinic. My co-worker and I think it is a ghost. haha.

My boss sings along to Ludacris and Eminem.

I see a lot of the same diagnoses. I know the ICD-9 code for obesity, because it seems like every fourth referral is to Nutrition & Wellness for obesity, and I know the code for diabetes. Cancers…I see the most for breast cancer, but today I’ve typed in lung and prostate cancer. One day I typed in a referral for a person who had HIV and 2 STDs.

I don’t see any of the student referrals, because that is on a different system that I am not trained in. I’m sure they don’t have as many referrals to specialty clinics, nor are those referrals as serious. Most of my patients are 40-60 years old. I see many of the same names over and over, many with multiple diseases or health issues.

I think it is a good thing I do not have contact with patients. Reading about it is hard enough.

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  1. yeah…the thing is, they were continuing to have unprotected intercourse…so, continuing to get and give infections. !!