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impossible descriptions

how do you describe a weekend of amazing, intense, spiritual, crazy emotions? how do you bring to your readers the sense of utmost inclusion, generosity, and love?

you can’t. not fully. so you sit at your computer and stare into space and realize that the last few days will probably take a long time to sink in.

But that’s ok. The longer, the better. That means the spirit of it will still be there when I need it.

(more later on the “Blazon His Name” weekend later. I desperately need sleep.


4 thoughts on “impossible descriptions

  1. This weekend was really special. You’re right Sholeh, it takes time to sink in…which to me means that it meant more than just the typical “weekend with friends.” It was the Baha’i spirit that made it so beautiful. And of course, it was the Temple that enriched that beauty…

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