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don’t underestimate it

honesty, respect, love, understanding, laughter, joy, anger, peace, security…

They are reaffirmed every day for me. Today was simply wonderful. Human interaction is something to be treasured.

Sleep well, everyone.


2 thoughts on “don’t underestimate it

  1. Wow, someone had a good first day of school! 🙂

    So we spent 7 hours yesterday moving Andalib and Massa. After that my own move will be cake. hopefully. Speekin of, Is there any chance I can use your family’s minivan? Only if you have a free day and it makes sense- if not there are many other solutions to the issue. Ether way I’ll talk to ya later this week!

    waves of love and respec!

  2. oy! That is a lot of moving!

    We’ll have to plot about the minivan…I’d have to talk to the parental unit.

    yah call me sometime we’ll chat.

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