Gastronomical delights… leichte improvisationen am klavier turnstile official site First of all, let me point out that Culver’s Chocolate Raspberry custard is all kinds of delicious. Real raspberries. Oh my.

halloween oise 2017 Again, thanks to the intrepid Adam L, we have…(drumroll please)

thomas gottschalk homepage see

MEATCAKE!! vanessa photographe cosse le vivien Yes, cake make out of meat, mashed potatoes, and ketchup. I am strongly tempted to make it, just to say I have.

warum geht ein mann fremd Speaking of trying new things, I got a chance to sample some beef tongue at Nuevo Leon the other night after Feast (a group of us went out). It just tasted like overly tender beef, except that Myk kept saying things like, erwerbsminderungsrente 2018 berechnen go “You know the tastebuds are still on that.” and urgences verneuil sur avre “I don’t eat anything that can taste me back.”

sueur dans la journée go I go through snack addictions…make up something quick, live on it for a few weeks. My current obsession is:

laura lizer sommers ++

avant de savoir parler on sait deja fredonner sour cream
a few spoonfuls of salsa
black olives, sliced gene delivery system ppt Eaten with corn chips, of course. The sour cream is the base of the mix. mmm.

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  1. autos orhan asal there Hahaha, you got me addicted to these and I lov’m mmmhhmmm! I have to say this is snack is one of my guiltiest pleasures, thanks Sholeh hehehe, no seriously thanks mmmmhhhmm hehehe 🙂

  2. emplacement régulateur zx6r see I want some MEATCAKE! And while you’re at it, some beef tongue and Sholehdip too. And yes, I have had shark steak, it’s awesome, and it wasn’t lost on me that I was eating something that could eat me! Hahahaha ooooh, so funny being at the top of the food chain.