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Amaranth & Quinoa

I found this article on CNN about the growing demand for amaranth and quinoa, as well as other alternatives to wheat.

“One reason for the fledgling demand is a growing awareness of celiac disease, which is triggered by gluten, the protein found in wheat.”

My frustration with trying to find alternatives to bread substances is that it can get very expensive. The American market is not yet at the point where obtaining gluten-free meals is inexpensive. If I want to eat a quick meal, I am often reduced to salad (and I’m am completely sick of salad).

I don’t mind when people forget I can’t eat bread/pasta/pizza/etc, but it is frustrating when I try to take responsibility for my food and it STILL has allergens in it. Although the recent requirements to list common allergens helps, I am still very limited in my food options at times.

Sometimes I slip up and eat a cookie, or a piece of cake. I don’t have an life-threatening allergic reaction, so it can be difficult to resist when a piece of pie is calling my name.


5 thoughts on “Amaranth & Quinoa

  1. Whoops. I didn’t mean to do that. Well, at least the link works. ;-p

    It’s supposed to say that I have PCOS.

  2. I here you. I am allergic to Milk. Often, I try to forget that the allergy exists, and eat pizza or ice cream only to find myself totaly plowed later. The food here is based so much on crap that its hard to find good healthy food. One thing you might try to do is to try completely different ingredients in your salad.. The obvious one would be to do something like spinach instead of lettuce. Then again you can completely go without the greenstuff and make a bean/tomato/onion salad. I have a food processor and I go nuts chopping things, using all sorts of cool and different ingredients. Any veggie or fruit combination can be tried…The sky is the limit. by the way your blog thing won’t let me post my y*hoo email address, calling it questionable content.

  3. oh weird, sorry Myk…moveable type has been acting up recently. 😛 Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to try that! 🙂

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