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Crazy food!

My food habits are getting stranger. Part of it is influenced by work, of course.

Example of Monday’s “meals”:

1. Corn on the cob/beef/chicken/baked beans/can of Coke
2. Bag of chips
3. Veggies w/dip
4. Candy bar
5. Another can of Coke
6. Bowl of cereal with strawberries in it
7. Hot dog (no bun) with all of the toppings, and fries
8. Fresh strawberries dipped in yogurt

The caterers are wearing hard hats. I think maybe it is supposed to be cute/themed. Right…


One thought on “Crazy food!

  1. Except for the coke, you and I eat basically the same stuff! Thanks for making me feel less culinarily weird! 🙂

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