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What is it about office supply stores that make me so happy? Sure, they’re overpriced most of the time, but wow… everything is just so efficient.

I found myself in a delirium of joy last night, wandering through the aisles in search of sharpies, filing folders, and various supplies. I don’t know why the idea of filing my bank statements and bills in pretty colored folders makes me smile, but at least I am trying to stay ahead of the blizzard of paper that takes over my desk at home.

I’ve lived in my house for 1 1/2 years, and I feel like only now do I really live there. One roommate and I are considering the purchase of a rodent of some kind…probably a gerbil. I haven’t had a furry pet since my rabbit in high school, and I tend to kill fish after a while. Maybe with another person helping we’ll manage to have a pet with a decent lifespan.

I also enjoy the efficiency of a 24-hr post office, and feel rather spoiled in that regard. There is something beautiful in the streets of Chicago’s Loop at 7 pm…silence. 🙂

Now if only I could figure out a way to fit my clothes in a closet that is much too small for the amount of stuff that I try to put in it…


At last count we were at 5 weddings upcoming for the 2006 season. Everyone…on your mark, get set…GO! I love watching this whole process from the sidelines. Do I get to cheer people on? I’d like to develop jerseys and little flags to wave. bwahahaha.


6 thoughts on “Organizing

  1. I share your love of office supply stores. there’s nothing I like better than walking into a Business Depot and rifling through all the pens, stencils, markers, stickers, and specialty paper. I also enjoy leaving messages on the typewriters (try typing http://www.bahai.org and see what happens…)

    as for pets: you could try a plant…

  2. You’re insane. Just kidding. I’m actually a bit depressed by Office Supply stores (I don’t quite know why, really) but extremely depressed by rodentia. They’re just so darn depressing. And they’re rodents. So…yeah.

    Write back soon,

  3. The only good thing about office supply stores are the collections of sharpie’s they have. I want a 20 pack of the new bold colors collection.

  4. Great entry. Well written, I really like it. The mental image of you in delirious bliss in the Office Depot: priceless.

    Can I have a flag to wave at all the weddings too? We could be like Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri on SNL.

  5. Sam: oooh the sharpies! So pretty…

    George: Of course you can have a flag! 😀 We can even make up a dance. haha.

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