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My house was built in 1889. How strange to realize that many people have lived here before me, and I don’t know their stories.

History makes me smile. I read Streets of the Near West Side a few weeks ago, and now I’m reading City of Big Shoulders. I also skimmed through Iranians in Chicagoland, which actually mentions some Baha’is (both historical and current). These books are in addition to a couple of fantasy books, Child of the Covenant, and a book on a sect of Christianity.

What do you like to read about?


7 thoughts on “Historical

  1. [QUOTE]What do you like to read about?[/QUOTE]

    Who said I like to read? What if I hate reading??
    Well…if I had to pick something to read, it would have to be a picture book πŸ˜›

    But in all seriousness, anything music related or tech related (geek) usually captures my attention. I also like any sort of spy books and other neat little non-fictional stories.

  2. Yay for history! The two books that really blew my mind, Chicagoland-speaking, were a biography on Richard J. Daley and a novelized history of the Worlds Fair of 1893. That book, which I may not have discussed with you a whole lot, was awesome.

    The book covered the deliberations about building the Fair, the process of construction, the evil machinations of a resident serial killer, and the subsequent demise of the Fairgrounds. Very interesting stuff, that.


  3. Andrew: that worlds fair books sounds amazing. I want to hear more about it…and perhaps check it out myself.

  4. Ok Mr. Zeb, now you’re just being difficult. Its attitudes like yours that are destroying this nation’s young people…


  5. I’ve been in a periodicals phase for, oh, the last eight years. Science, cars, music, planes, geography, psychology, anything. You name it, I read it in a magazine or online. In the past several years I can’t remember finishing a book, though. What is wrong with me?

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