The sun hides from me…

A very, very old shoe!

Part of the “fun” of growing up means that you can’t go outside when the weather is PERFECT. The most exposure I’ve had to the sun today is grabbing lunch to go across the street downtown in the Loop. Everyone was in their business suits, the men with rolled up sleeves and sunglasses, the women remarkably more casual than in the winter months.

I love downtown Chicago.

EDIT: It is the next day, and it is 50 degrees and windy today, instead of a beautiful 80 degrees. *sigh*

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  1. ditto… i usually take a couple of minutes’ break during my day to say my obligatory prayer, and I try to find a nice, quiet secluded spot where there’s nature (trees, birds singing, etc). Helps me remember there’s a world outside these four walls.

    ditto on the bad weather today too 😛