An Ode to Green

ronde poef breien Why do I sometimes get the feeling that I am alone?
Alone in my love for the strange, the green,
the disliked members of the family of vegetables!
Oh, broccoli, okra, and brussel sprouts,
fried, baked, boiled or raw,
how very misunderstood you are!

sports program proposal see It is true, you know. Some of you have seen me sit contentedly with a bowl full of brussel sprouts drenched in lemon, salt, and butter, and be completely happy with this as my dinner. mmm. hebräischer name gottes banque de savoie fr My long bloggy silence has been the result of after-finals stress relief, planning a conference (coming up on Friday, eek!), and hanging out with wonderful friends. This summer promises to be very busy with Baha’i conferences, weddings, and work (note how work is listed last, haha). But seriously, I have a feeling it will be great.

buddha figur stående here Bed, perhaps? Yes.

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