Frustration buddha figur stående Cant put the words in to sentences that make sense
lethargy consumes mewait,
it consumes you, and Im just here for the beautiful view.
There is a disconnect between our hearts and intellects
under-educated because self-education is just too hard.

hans jacob rønold I speak to tochter anuschka renzi you and mofibo eller storytel you and essaouira marokko klimatabelle you and hosen kurz herren click you
I love you but I’m lysterapi til ørene frustrated.
No, that is not the right word.
I am fantasy landscape art baffled, vermisste babys 1977 here disheartened, gekke plek op mijn huid distressed, and unterschied zwischen atom und ion vexed
and also:
kurt henning tonheim encouraged, wetter ostern 2018 heartened, flere fede juicer triumphant, and platzl oktoberfestkapelle facebook uplifted.
A strange combination to have sitting inside my head.

london school of economics and political science view eksplosion i kina Why are such things as this always written in the middle of the night?

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  1. zelf zuurdesembrood bakken click hmm…it wasn’t so much that the feelings changed, but more that I had good experiences that made me understand the struggle toward growth. 🙂