A Calm Storm

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Can’t put the words in to sentences that make sense
lethargy consumes me…wait,
it consumes you, and I’m just here for the beautiful view.
There is a disconnect between our hearts and intellects
under-educated because self-education is just too hard.

I speak to you and you and you and you
I love you but I’m frustrated.
No, that is not the right word.
I am baffled, disheartened, distressed, and vexed
and also:
encouraged, heartened, triumphant, and uplifted.
A strange combination to have sitting inside my head.

Why are such things as this always written in the middle of the night?


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Most of my existential crises have come after midnight, so I’m not surprised at the timing of this juxtaposition. Was it better the next day?

  2. hmm…it wasn’t so much that the feelings changed, but more that I had good experiences that made me understand the struggle toward growth. 🙂

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