Naw-Ruz bourges château jacques coeur It is the Baha’i New Year, Naw-Ruz. It is also the Persian New Year. When I went home last night I was greeted with a haft-sin table, which included a lot of very cute goldfish swimming merrily in a bowl. I also got to eat a great deal of my mother’s ghormeh-sabzi and tea. I couldn’t move for a little while after that.

urlaub früh buchen I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and that this new year is full of joy for you. I’m going to party tonight! wheee! retrovirale dna im menschlichen genom IM000597.JPG kunden ideen wünsche (A chocolate Naw-Ruz greeting I made. haha)

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  1. fußballerische weiterentwicklung jugend there you are so cute!!! Happy Naw Ruz to you to!!! *and i’ve been meaning to say thanks for the use of your floor a while back* it was great to get to see you!!
    meghan 🙂