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I wonder where my friends are. I wonder why people read, but don’t leave a comment saying hi.

I know you’re out there, blog-lurkers. Silent readers who visit the page and whisk themselves away before writing me a little message.

I have become sad.

[Read all of the above with an English accent. I am, however, quite serious about comments. At least just this once, say hi. Or leave a joke, or a funny combination of words. Please? At least for the little smily face woman below.]


Current awesome band: Royksopp. My sister gave me their cd, and I’ve had it on repeat while typing my papers. Also, King of Woolworths is rather fun, trippy musical entertainment. Another sisterly gift that has saved me from insanity.


19 thoughts on “Hellooooo?

  1. Pumpernickle boulder turner shift exchange entimological pharmacuetical treatment. That said, activism soldier on the upside to nowhere. “Dig”, said the squirrel. And it was done. Bone fide.

  2. Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time;
    Insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme.
    There’ll be no mutant enemy we shall certify;
    Political ends, as sad remains, will die.
    Reach out as forward tastes begin to enter you.

  3. You’re myopic with a touch of spondulix in your left ventricle.

    That’s the only line I remember from my sixth grade monologue.

  4. Hi.

    Small print that happens to be the same size:
    The aforementioned “Hi.” is solely for the pleasure of the smiley face bead woman. Any other parties deriving any benefits from said “Hi.” (including, but not limited to, happiness, joy, giddiness, and euphoria) will be in violation of code 3, subsection 71 of the Miss Manners’ Book of Blog Commenting Ettiquette and will be subject to all kinds of evil punishment.

  5. This comment is also meant to be read in an English accent. It doesn’t really work otherwise:

    So, there are two biscuits in a tin. And the first biscuit turns to the second biscuit and asks “where do you live?” and the second biscuit exclaims, “I can’t tell you that! You might steal my washing!”

  6. I am here, Sholeh! I just copied all my bookmarks to the laptop at my house, so I’ll be a little more organized about my blogreading, rather than letting blogs just occur to me, and reading that way 🙂

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