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I feel a certain reticence in my speech right now. Last night Lindsey asked if I wanted gum…and I didn’t, because I didn’t have the energy to move my jaw. hmm.

The beautiful sun and warmth of yesterday was replaced with freezing rain today. I think we should protest. Or go on strike. Who’s with me?

(something I wrote last week)

It is easy to dismiss the impact of your words
when they are written, not spoken,
and the consequences are removed from your immediate sight.
You don’t want to acknowledge that you’re wrong.
And I don’t find it important enough to contradict or object.


2 thoughts on “dismiss

  1. I would go with you on the whole protest idea since when me and Eric got back to MN the weather was snowy and raining as well. On a sidenote this is Adam from MN if you didnt already Catch that. Just stopping in to check your blog since you said you had one, and since it was linked in greg’s N.A.B i checked it out, it looks very login cabin-ish which is cool. feel free to look at mine if you would ever lower yourself to that

  2. hey Adam! nice blog, definitely checked it out. glad to hear you got home safe. 😉

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