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Theology? Who needs it?

I may actually be allergic to theological discussions.

Hear me out.

I was at our Baha’i Youth Desk meeting here at my house when some people started on a tangent about something. I don’t really know what they were saying, because as soon as they started on the tangent, I started sneezing uncontrollably. Not quiet little sneezes, either, but explosive ones that shook the couch. I ended up having to leave the room, at which time my sneezes stopped. This happened twice.

I currently have a cold, which is interesting because I always get a cold at this time of the year. I should just write it into my calendar.

“I have estimated the influence of Reason upon Love and found that it is like that of a raindrop upon the ocean, which makes one little mark upon the water’s face and disappears.” -Hafiz, Persian poet

I want to learn more about Iran.

PS: Congratulations to Myk & Lacey, who got engaged tonight. This is couple #6 that is getting married this summer out of people I know. In the majority of cases, I know both bride and groom. I’m happy for you two.


3 thoughts on “Theology? Who needs it?

  1. Ah Man Sholeh – I havent seen that quote in the longest time and it was one of those exactly what I wanted/needed to read this morning things. Rock.
    Feel Better. I’m so tired of being sick lately that just hearing of other people being sick makes me sick and tired. Let’s revolt.

  2. Re theology… LOL. i hear ya. i dont like tangents, let alone theologocal ones that don’t serve anything!

    Congrats to Lacey and her beau!:)

    Sholeh, you can add me and Katie Osvold (u know her. you met her ;-)) to your list of engaged couples 😉 Wedding in Oregon August 14th 😛 be there or be rectangular!! 😀

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