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Sarah is so completely rad.

If you don’t know Sarah L, orignally from in Minnesota but now residing on the East Coast, you totally wish you did. I will even give you examples:

Sarah: ugh, i am sick of england
Me: ??
Sarah: this is a problem, because it is the first of 4 countries i have to write about in this paper
Me: aahh
Sarah: and also is by far my favorite
Sarah: haha
Sarah: ok, i’m skipping to france. at least things are funny there.
(a few minutes later)
Sarah: i’m already having more fun

Sarah: i actually had to leave the emo show because it was making me too sad

Sarah: haha, we should start a group chat called “worlddomination”
Sarah: or something
Sarah: i’m seeing potential here
Me: me too
Me: it would be fun
Sarah: I’ve just learned all about the components of a successful revolution
Sarah: in my latin american politics class
Me: rock!
(conversation continues with discussions of who would be good to have on our team, etc. somehow we reach the following question.)
Sarah: so the question is
Sarah: do i want to download MSN in the name of world domination?
Me: yes!!!


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