Spring Classes

(Our school mascot. I don’t know what it is wearing.)

I have realized that I may refer to my classes once in a while this semester, given that some of them are rather amusing (or rather, the professors are amusing).

Sociology of Organizations: Taught by a sociology professor who is tall, wears dark red lipstick, and says “um” a lot.

Comparative Marketing: I still have not figured out exactly what this class is about. I think it has something to do with Globalization, which is rather cool. I get this impression from our textbook, “Globalization and Business”.

Product Management: About successful products. Taught by the same professor as Comparative Marketing. He is awesome. I referred to him in this entry.

Business Statistics I: One of the most boring classes I’ve ever taken. We’ve spent the first 2 weeks drawing bar graphs and histograms.

Entrepreneurship: I had the same professor last semester. He is rather awkward and makes bad jokes, but I always do well in his class. Got an A+ on a paper that I wrote in 2 hours.

In conclusion, this semester looks like it will be easier than last semester, and I actually like most of my profs! Now, if only I could do something about my insomnia…

Also, I would like to add that my “study” playlist on ITunes includes Dark Falcor’s “Constructs”. That is all.

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  1. I have very strange studying habits. I take frequent breaks and listen to very different kinds of music.

    Plus, hearing Gavin’s voice in that song is just priceless. It makes me laugh when getting depressed about Stats.