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DaVinci wasn’t as good an artist as ME

No point to the title. It just came to me. The only reason it is there is because I finished reading The DaVinci Code a couple of days ago. It was an interesting, fun work of fiction, but I can honestly say I did not take that much out of it. Good to know what people are making such a fuss over, though!

I’ve edited my “People to Read” sidebar over to the right, and there are some new people! Andrew, the famously fantastic fun person that is really cool to know; and Dan Payne, the physicist spiritualist South Dakota-loving saint. Ok I made all that up but it was FUN! And they’re really cool people.

My dad is making his famous spaghetti (from scratch!) tonight, and even though I ate dinner 2 hours ago, my stomach is getting rumbly. I’m bringing the recipe for it with me in my head to the house.


One thought on “DaVinci wasn’t as good an artist as ME

  1. Parasitic post for Sholeh! i chose Sholeh’s blog today, because i suspected that it would be the one most likely to read by Jinous, who is heavily involved in this post.

    Last night, i had a dream that Jinous was my daughter. Basically, i was at the home of some friends and the fact of a baby having been born some time ago came into our realm of knowledge. After some loose but convincing deduction, we came to the conclusion that this baby had been born to me when i was rather young. The nature of the pregnancy was never in the least bit clear, but i had the distinct feeling that it was in no way natural.

    Later, it turned out that this baby had grown up to be Jinous, who, in the dream was about 10 years younger than i. So we spent some time together, talking about how this discovery filled in so many holes. Contrary to common dream tone, it was very weird for this person who was my peer to suddenly be my daughter.

    That’s really the only part of the dream you need to know about. There was this other part where we were all of us (like, everyone we know) hanging out in a church that turned into a school and then we were taken captive by our enemy on a martian planet, but we all got out ok, so no worries.

    My dreams have been very lucid and memorable lately. i’ve actually been looking forward to going to bed. maybe it’s the super smartfoam pillow Lexi gave me.

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