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so why d’ya fill my sorrow
with the words you’ve borrowed
from the only place you’ve known
why d’ya sing hallelujah
if it means nothin’ to ya
why d’ya sing with me at all?

-Damien Rice

I stood outside today on the lawn of my parent’s home. I hadn’t stopped moving all day…driving, eating, packing boxes. I hadn’t just…taken a breath and closed my eyes to think. When I opened my eyes and looked up, there were those cliched perfect white clouds with the perfect blue sea of a sky. The weather was such that I felt comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt (I don’t dress up all the time, you know…). For a blessed moment, there were no lawnmowers, chainsaws, cars, children shrieking, sirens, or dogs barking. The wind picked up just the slightest bit and brushed skin of my arms…

Even with all of the thoughts and stress and worry…things really will be ok. The eternal optimist in me lives strong. There are a lot of people I really miss right now and a lot of things I want to accomplish in less time than I would like. Sometimes I think I’m so impatient to DO things that I forget how much I really am LIVING.


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  1. Sholeh – even just reading that second paragraph made my mind stop and chill for a moment. Its crazy how even when youre sitting still reading something your mind is constantly racing. Well anyway, thanks I needed a moment like that today too, even if it was vicarious at best.

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