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New Home!

My search for an apartment has ended. Well, it ended last week but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to write about it until I was really sure everything would work out.

It is very close to my school, the L, and 3 bus stops. It was renovated a year ago. Oh yeah, and its a HOUSE. We’re down the street from Shannon & Lev, which is exceedingly cool, of course.

-2 story (+ basement w/washer & dryer), 5 bedroom, 2 bath
-back deck, small yard in front and back
-free parking on side street
-hardwood floors throughout the entire house
-a kitchen that actually has countertops!! (my last place had none)
-beautiful molding on ceilings and around doors

There will be 5 Baha’i women living there (including myself), and it is going to be awesome. Yes, yes it will.


7 thoughts on “New Home!

  1. Girl! I am so happy for you! And I am so glad that Angie (shmangela as I like to call her) and you will be living together! You can bet on some visits from me! Hope all is well with you! Much much love!–Genevieve

  2. Yes, yes it will! I SUPER excited about living in this house with these dizope people. Yes, yes it will!

  3. Five Baha’i ladies in one household?! So near to a household with three Baha’i gents?! Oh my. The world is about to fold in on itself…and it’s wonderful. I’ll have to come up there and annoy you gals!

  4. Gen: you better come visit! woot! slumber party here we come…

    Jess: yeah, I definitely couldn’t think of cooler people to live with. yay!

    Andrew: AND Kevin & Ramez will be a 1/2 mile down the road. You better come annoy us! um…yeah. 😀

  5. no pets or smoking in the house. 🙂 however, small animals are ok. we have yet to figure out the pet situation.

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