New Home!

appreciation eleve lycée link My search for an apartment has ended. Well, it ended last week but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to write about it until I was really sure everything would work out. foot live national It is very close to my school, the L, and 3 bus stops. It was renovated a year ago. Oh yeah, and its a HOUSE. We’re down the street from Shannon & Lev, which is exceedingly cool, of course. symptom checker india -2 story (+ basement w/washer & dryer), 5 bedroom, 2 bath
-back deck, small yard in front and back
-free parking on side street
-hardwood floors throughout the entire house
-a kitchen that actually has countertops!! (my last place had none)
-beautiful molding on ceilings and around doors sara placement pune There will be 5 Baha’i women living there (including myself), and it is going to be awesome. Yes, yes it will. offre bmw série 3

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  1. livre bullet journal link Gen: you better come visit! woot! slumber party here we come… vollkornbrot thermomix dinkel sonnenblumen Jess: yeah, I definitely couldn’t think of cooler people to live with. yay! lala hardol youtube Andrew: AND Kevin & Ramez will be a 1/2 mile down the road. You better come annoy us! um…yeah. 😀