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Thank God for a 3 day weekend. Apartment hunting, hanging out with friends, picnic, seeing my sister. So much to do!

I was on a 3 am-11:30 am shift this week at work. I rotate to the different parts of the store each week.

I will have pictures after this weekend, so be patient, y’all!

Going downtown today!


4 thoughts on “4th

  1. 3:00 am?!? Why on earth do Target employees need to be working at 3:00 am?

    This brings to mind the early 90s Jennifer Connelly movie “Career Opportunities.” Is that what your life is like??? Bee hee!

  2. That is when the trailers need to be unloaded. Not a fun schedule at ALL.

    I’ve never seen that movie!

  3. Shol. You cannot be a late-night Target employee without seeing that movie. It’s a discount store classic! It’s hilarious!

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