What are you doing these days?

http://latedinner.live/2019/04 team visual studio My friends have been busy. I’m sure I have forgotten someone, but y’all gotta let me know when you’re starting things. 😉

bonnie in hassel there My supremely talented friend Andrew Johnson has come out with some gorgeous, limited edition prints of a few airport layouts. Buy one. Or two. You won’t regret it.

http://lifeaunt.live/2019/04 können myome verschwinden

http://fairspent.live springt mit warmen motor nicht an Dan Jones, over at Doberman Pizza, has relaunched his blog. He has been blogging for nearly two decades and has always been a great resource and friend in the Baha’i blogging world. After over a decade of internet interaction, I finally met him and his lovely wife Quynh in Montreal this summer.

http://dressseat.live courszs en ligne a intermarché

zuckertüten zum schulanfang check Speaking of great blogs, a fantastic sisterly duo consisting of Bre Vader and Jaleh Darling recently launched a blog called The Superettes. It is fun, creative, and accessible, and I enjoy it thoroughly.

souvenir philatélique 2017 click

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vampir junge schminken view I am not going to even go into all of the engagements, pregnancies, graduations, and life changes of everyone…but congratulations if you have something going on that merits celebration!

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