The Best Thing About Summer (Guest Entry)

rondje rond de kerk go The following was dictated by my sister Gloria while I typed (the only way I knew I’d get a guest entry). Thanks, G! kjøpe high5 oslo berhault traiteur melesse alcotest fca25 tt micro The Best Thing About Summer:

parker pen amazon k later tamil name When I was younger, I used to think it was the ice cream truck, because hearing it in the street made me run to mom, thinking I could weasle some money out of her.

zachte lakenstof kleur senkrechter wurf nach oben As I grew up, I believed it was because I could skip out of dreaded homework assignments.

hvor ligger fleggaard metal aircraft structural analyses Now I’ve gotten older and wiser, and I’ve realized the deeper meaning of what makes summer so great.

akustisk guitar strenge see lisbeth dahl brugskunst watch It’s movies.

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  1. I teenk I saw this guest blog on another site. It is like the Brazilians (aka Not Mexicans) claiming that there is a Not Mexican Empire…it doesn’t fly.

    All hail Guest Blogs…(and their creator)

  2. Sam: aww, just showin the luv to my cousin…hehehe. Besides, isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?

    Mexiboddy: eh? 😛

  3. hahahah….thanks. just one clarification: 7th cousin to be exact. not sure about imitation and flattery. since no one has ever tried to imitate me….hahahaha

    and btw – mexiboddy wasn’t me. i swear.