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pets and items from work

I bought 7 goldfish a couple weeks ago, and a Betta. There are now 2 goldfish and the Betta still lives (although it does not eat as much as my last one). The other fishies went belly-up, one by one.

The security guy at work told us that a lady had a little dog in her shopping cart, and apparently she walked right past me at Guest Service without me seeing it. People that carry their little doggies in a purse or something…ugh.

I caught two boys playing baseball in the sporting goods aisle today. That seems to happen a lot. I also picked up a bottle of bath bubble soap that turned out to be VERY slimy and leaky. eww.

Other Items I Found Today:
– chewed lollipop stick
– bandaid stuck to the floor
– candy wrappers
– dead lightbulb
– a nice little collection of used tissues in Toys
– green marbles on the floor


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  1. I think you’re also likely to find 20something year old boys playing baseball / football / basketball in the sporting goods basis as well. I’ve seen some of our mutual friends do it. I believe on more than one occassion too.

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