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utterly gray

It has been
utterly gray outside
the kind that shifts my mood
from blue to almost purple
and back again to white
It has been filled with red
(I think that is the color of stress)
with a bit of green thrown in
for good measure.
I think brown poked his head in
for a moment there,
but scurried out when he saw
that yellow was nearby.
Orange seems to be non-existent
She took a sick day, perhaps.
Yes, today
was completely, utterly, gray.


4 thoughts on “utterly gray

  1. You mean Target doesn’t have a paintball section? I’d be practicing my aim on one of those big Company Logos if my day was too gray over there, heheh…

    Don’t know if this helps colour your day, but here goes a virtual splotch of green (*SPLAT!!!) and another one of yellow (%WHOP!!!) and yet another splotch of purple (@THWACK!!!)

    Hope you have more colorful days ahead…


  2. Jamal: wish we did, but we DO have lasertag stuff now…

    I’m spending WAY too much time in Toys.

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