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I’ve been looking to expand my cookbook collection. The only one I have is the old Food of Life cookbook that my mother has used for years, and passed on to me this year when I finally got a kitchen…it is the BEST Persian food cookbook in existence. However, I am trying to diversify now…different kinds of food, cultures, etc. I’m desperately in need of a good general American cookbook as well, to make simple dishes or to play around with recipes. The only one I’ve ever used is this beaten up, out of print Betty Crocker cookbook that my mother got when she was first married, and I hate every other American cookbook I see because I love that one…*sigh*

Suggestions or Amazon links would really help.


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  1. cookbooks hmm. i can’t think of any to recommend. My mum has a whole collection published by australian woman’s weekly. which i love to use 🙂
    but i don’t think it’s available on amazon.
    these days i just search for recipes online (allrecipes.com and epicurious.com). epicurious is cool coz they let you save your fave ones in a recipe box.

    but there’s nothing quite like a cookbook, all stained and crumpled by damp, is there? 🙂

  2. you know know that I think about it, Lev has a cookbook that he and his housemates compiled over the years. They lived in a place called “Farm House” on the Carlton University campus in Minesota, where they shared interests in growing their own food and doing various things to avoid punching the environment in the face. one of the more memorable quotes:
    “Chai Tea.
    Firstly-Chai means tea. So to say Chai Tea is silly.

    I like being silly.”

  3. *disclaimer* i am not much (or any?) of a cook, but i got this for a gift several years ago from my dear mother- “the Joy of Cooking”


    according to her and HER mother, it is an american classic- well, i don’t know about that, but it did teach me how to boil an egg properly (not that i remember without the book in front of me). chicken, eggs and pasta i can do without a book. that’s about the extent of my cooking, though i have been picking up one or two things here at chez louhelen from time to time.

    in my view, this book is a little boring, but it is also veeeeeeeeery loooooooong and does contain alot of (useful?) information- more like a cooking encyclopedia than a cookbook.

    still, i figured it deserved a mention.

    best of luck! ;~)

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