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Just my luck

I am not a superstitious person, but recently things have been a little crazy around here…and now I am looking over my shoulder…

On Saturday my flatmates and I were washing our balcony (spring cleaning!).  We have a faucet on the balcony that does not have a handle, and so we use a little piece of metal to pry it open.  Yes, this is so smart.  Needless to say, my soapy hands slipped and I sliced open my left index finger on the faucet. 

Great timing, since I was going to the beach later and ended up getting salt water in the wound.  yeah, ouch.  It is taking longer to heal since I am left-handed and it keeps getting bumped against things.

Ok, so it is acknowledged that I can be a little klutzy sometimes, and I have at least a dozen scars to prove this.  This is a natural part of my life, and I actually carry band-aids in my purse.   🙂

But the next part of the story was just too much.  I was walking down the street with my cousin Monib a few nights ago when I felt something hit my hand.

Something warm.

I looked at my hand in the dim light.  Covering the top of my left hand was bird poo.

I looked up, and sitting on a telephone wire above was a unconcerned looking crow.

Luckily there was a pizzeria across the street, and so Monib and I walked over to clean up.  The guy behind the counter pointed out the restroom and I washed off my hand (and jacket).  By this point I was laughing out loud, because really, how often does this happen?!  I didn’t freak out, although I admit that I was a little disgusted.

Monib said it is supposed to be good luck to get pooped on by a bird, but I’m of the opinion that someone created that particular saying to console whoever got bird poo on them.  Don’t “they” (oh, the ever popular “they”!) say that things happen in threes?  Well…now I’m waiting.  I’m sure I’ll find something to be the third occurence, and then I can go back to breathing easily.  😉

(now that I think about it, I don’t have the greatest luck with birds…)


7 thoughts on “Just my luck

  1. in Lakota culture, getting pooed on by a crow meant that a meteor was going to strike you in five days time. How many nights ago did you say this happened?

  2. Sho, it seems that these things both happened to your hand.The third probably will also. I suggest wearing gauntlets for a while.

  3. Sholeh, you and I have some unidentifiable but bizarre connection. I myself badly cut my thumb on Thursday while slicing onions. I always save the onions for last because they irritate my eyes, and cooking for twelve people means I have to endure cutting several of them. I always worried when I got to that point that I’d cut myself and I finally did. It was bad enough five days later that I had a doctor look at it, but he said it’ll be fine.

    No close encounters with the you-know-what, though.

  4. I experience those kind of days once every 2 weeks…..

    my car gets pooped on only just after i wash it, or im in a rush to go somewhere and wont have time to clean it.

    with regard to you being accident prone… good thing you’re not a dentist eh 😉

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