Tonight, at Bahji…

dünsten kochen dämpfen unterschied I walked around the gardens, and picked up a fallen flower to hold close to my heart.

eden living hamburg click I ran down a path in darkness and silently shouted to the palm trees and sky, a promise and a blessing. im norden immobilien gmbh  

brauch florianisingen kärnten adresse hk saarland  

questionnaitre culture générale facile here Tonight, at Bahji, I continued the process of letting go. Of people, of places, of expectations, of the labels and insecurities and confusing thoughts. And I reconstructed, strengthening ties and bonds and the pieces of spirit between all of us that hold us together. Letting go and holding on are not all that different, after all. einspringen im frei pflege Be a true friend. Be loving and mindful of the tests that we are all going through. Be compassionate, firm, and joyful. Seek out justice. Continue to learn patience. Continue to learn everything.

alles was ich brauch ist meine gang view This is a reminder to me, but also to you.

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