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Mama bird

I like bird nests. My sister and I used to collect them as children, along with any eggshell pieces we would find discarded.

I like birds, too. But when a bird interferes with my everyday life, I get a little annoyed.

Exhibit A: The American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

(Look at those beady, devilish eyes…)

We have a nest in the roof of our back porch with several baby robins. During our 4th of July BBQ, Andrew was attacked as he attempted to set up the grill. Once Jinous, Maysoon, Lauren, and I came outside she was less aggressive…too many people to fight, I guess.

A few days ago I was weeding the patio and the mother bird was swooping down so close that her wings were touching my hair. I abandoned the effort with half of my task completed. Yesterday I tried to hang lights on the back porch for the party and she dive-bombed me with such ferocity that I retreated back into the house, shaking with terror.

This is just ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Mama bird

  1. Yipes! Reminds me of a blue-jay back in Florida who was notorious for terrorizing my brother, dive-bombing our dog, and stealing the pets’ food. His cockiness was his fatal undoing, though — one time he tried to steal from the bowl of our big adopted cat, Jake. Turns out Jake was a lot faster than he looked %D

    The moral of the story is, if the red-breasted pest keeps bothering you, make friends with a stray cat! (They’e easily bribed with tuna fish or canned chicken, lol) Or I could always loan out Smokey for a while…

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