There are moments.

nouveaux riches wall street She stood precariously, one foot on the rocks and one in the sea, bare feet with tips of red, gripping earth and sand.  She could only wait for so long, could only stand between worlds for as long as a flower took to fully bloom, or maybe as long as it takes for a child to learn the nature of laughter. 

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Those insistent pieces of her heart, scattered and pulling, tickling at her skin when she tried to forget, trying so hard to be complete again…there was a moment between worlds, and she hesitated.  Or…no…perhaps it was he who hesitated, and her shattered, completely whole spirit fell between moments.

lao lu lodge luang prabang The point of falling is to be caught before hitting the ground, to be released before being trapped, and to be chased in order to fall again.  That is the supposed order of things.

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Clear words are binding, but she learned this after she was taught clarity.  So…all of these little strings tied to bigger strings, and the bigger strings disappeared into the distance behind her, and the beginning was lost. babera moleko tag min hånd She turned around, took out a pair of scissors, and with calm and in complete silence, cut every single string.  The broken ends trailed after in delightful disarray, and she smiled in that moment.

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  1. harvey x files i usually read your blog on google reader, so i’m not sure if the banner is new or not, but i think it’s so cute! this made my heart ache a little bit for spring and the feeling of completeness that comes with it.

    fine radiators address view i was wondering if i could be so bold as to ask… (dunh dunh dunh) a favor? since you are in a unique position– what with your proximity to the Shrines, i was wondering if you might, at your convenience, add a prayer for the success of the first intensive program of growth in the Kansas City cluster. It started yesterday and we are looking forward to seeing what happens. Humble thanks. 🙂