The Baha’i World Centre Choir

At Naw Ruz (the Baha’i New Year), the choir sang in the Seat of the Universal House of Justice for the Holy Day observance. If you look closely, you can see me in there. This video was put together by one of our choir members, Glenn, and it really gives you a good idea of how Holy Days are observed at the World Centre. Thanks to Glenn for uploading it and allowing the rest of us to embed it.

And for Ridvan, the choir sang in the Auditorium of the International Teaching Center building. Unfortunately I was unable to join them, since I’d had pneumonia while they had been practicing, but they did a wonderful job. The music on this one isn’t the choir’s actual performance (it is a professional recording), but about halfway through you can see the choir getting ready for the performance.

Finally, today marks 5 months that I have been serving in Haifa, Israel. Hard to believe.

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  1. sholeh = the best

    love you!!!

    can’t wait to see you in 6 months when katie and i come for pilgrimage starting october 29!!!!

  2. Ready to face a year of rigorous treatment for a physical ill and tripped over your blog…
    That second video up there brought healing tears of joy!!!
    Thank you, Dear Heart…

    ~ Alex